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Content Theme 1) Our Drinking Water / Don’t Dump That!

City of Gresham scientist tests local streams for pollutants. Pollutants include heavy metals, by-products from cars, and pesticides from lawns. Our public servants and scientists monitor our rivers and streams to keep our communities healthy.
Pollution to our rivers and streams can impact the health of our community’s drinking water. Learn more about how you can take action for clean water.


Do you know where your community’s drinking water comes from? Depending on where you live, it might come from a river, a lake, or an underground aquifer. Some local rivers such as the Clackamas, the Mollala, the Trask, the Tualatin, and the Willamette may supply your drinking water. Make a video about how pollution can get into the rivers or groundwater that provide our drinking water.

Here are some ideas and resources to help you choose a theme for your video:

All water has the potential to eventually be someone else’s drinking water, either now or in the future. Ensuring that drinking water is safe to drink requires expensive technology, so keeping it clean is more cost effective than polluting our water and cleaning it up later.

Remember, what gets spilled, poured, or dropped on the ground can end up in rivers or groundwater. From cigarettes to coffee, paint, mop water, carpet cleaning water, lawn chemicals, and more–they can pollute our future drinking water on the surface or in the ground.

This video features many different issues and actions that you can generate your own video ideas from. Learn more about safe disposal from Metro. Include a call to action for protecting local waterways and drinking water.

Use storytelling to touch upon themes like: “what does The River Starts Here mean to you?” “why/how I’m a student for clean water” “my cultural connection to water” or “I love my local river because…”. 

Groups like Watershed Councils, Columbia and Willamette Riverkeepers, the Clackamas River Water Providers help engage people in water protection, clean ups, and tree plantings to protect surface and groundwater.  Your video could also feature a group working to engage in the public to create a better future.

Include at least one hashtag with a call to action at the end of your video. Hashtag suggestions (or make your own!): #riversaredrinkingwater #waterislife #waterconnectsus #dontpollute #dumpnowaste #drainstostreams #sweepitup #dontpollute #theriverstartshere #getinvolved #BeAWaterHero and include the website of the organization you are highlighting as the call to action.